Sync Enpass with Bittorrent Sync (Android & Linux)

Linux (possibly with Windows and OS X)

  • install Bittorrent Sync (
  • add a folder which should be shared with the Android device
  • install Enpass (
  • configure Enpass to sync with the folder that is synced with the Android device (Tools – Settings – Sync – “Sync with: ” Folder)


  • install Bittorrent Sync (Google Play)
  • enable sync with the shared folder from the desktop (connect the folder and disable “Selective Sync”)
  • install a Webdav Server (Google Play)
  • configure the Webdav Server to listen on and use the /sdcard//Enpass folder as home directory
  • install Enpass (Google Play)
  • configure Enpass to sync with a Webdav / Owncloud Server and username, password ip and port from the configured Webdav Server